Writing, Reading, and Researching in the Natural Sciences

Reading this chapter helped me to understand the importance of writing in relation to science. The chapter is divided into separate topics, which are very easy to comprehend. After each topic there is a brief statement of information. Upon reading, I found that all of the important elements are highlighted in shaded boxes, thus making the main points clear. The text clearly states the four main genres of writing in the natural sciences. The steps that are listed for drafting, revising, editing and proofreading are clearly stated with examples that I can relate to. Following the introduction the chapter proceeds in further detail to describe the different styles of writing and common features. The use of examples helps me understand when reading the strategies for reading difficult texts. As the chapter continues with evaluating sources, internet sources, integrating sources, and preparing reference pages, many visual examples are used. Overall, I find this chapter extremely easy to comprehend. The information is clearly stated and main points are emphasized in good detail.

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1 Response to Writing, Reading, and Researching in the Natural Sciences

  1. professorjohansensblog says:

    Angela, Good posting. You do do a bit more by giving some direct examples when you state how the chapter is written clearly. Overall, you have a good start with this posting. Good Job.

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