“Science and Fuzzy Objects” Specializing in Sociology, pg 216-224

The start of the chapter begins with a quotation as follows. ‘It is difficult to paint a clear picture of a fuzzy object: Ludwig Josef Wittgenstein, (1959). Many sociology students like things to be “cut and dry”. However, that is not always how things are. Physicist Werner Heisenberg made an argument that stunned many physical scientists. The acceptance of the existence of fuzzy objects is a discipline that many scientists have to learn in their career. After the introduction, the paragraph titled, “Dividing up the task” breaks the information down to inform how sociologists approach their research. Table 3.1 shows popular topic areas within sociology. The chapter discusses the three major theoretical perspectives: functionalist, conflict, and symbolic interactionist. Each perspective is broken down into sections with examples provided. On page 221, there is an overview of the perspectives and the conflicts among them. Many sociologists divide their discipline to distinguish between different levels of analysis (micro sociology and macro sociology). I found this chapter informative: however, I do not understand how it applies to this class. As I read the chapter, I clearly understood the content, just did not comprehend the purpose or intent.

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  1. professorjohansensblog says:

    Good job with this post. The content of the chapter may not be relevant to the class, but the way it is written is what we need to consider. Being an English class, we are more concerned with the clarity and style of the writing than the content.

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