Generation Y Workers

The first article I read was named, “Brace Yourself, Here Comes Generation Y”. The writer of this article believes that the qualities that generation Y workers posses lead to a high stress work environment. Most experts consider generation Y to be those who were born from 1980 to 2001. Some alternate names for this generation are Millennium Generation, Millennial, the Entitled Generation or the Echo Boom. The main focus of this article is how generation Y workers affect the healthcare related field, although one may also see how these qualities may also have an impact on all areas of the job field. Generation Y is beginning to enter the nursing workforce. They are joining the workers of Generation X, which also includes Baby Boomers, and veterans. The author states that the characteristics and observations stated may be stereotypes and not true to every person, however, from looking at statistics and evaluations the author has come to these conclusions.

When observing a generation this author looks at characteristics, values, strengths and weaknesses. Positive aspects of generation Y include racial diversity and global awareness. They like entertainment. They adapt to new situations quickly. They can handle the pressures of multitasking. They have a great ability to process information quickly. They are great listeners. They thrive on new challenges and have teamwork skills. Generation Y workers have the technical knowledge and tools to have successful careers. In the section, “Formative Influences and Core values” the author lists the events that occurred during the lives of the Generation Y that have had an impact on their personalities.  Some of these events include the Iraq War, rise of AIDS/HIV, and 24 hour Media.

Generation Y workers show some negative traits as well. They seem to expect others to do things for them. They also lack experience and organization skills. They dislike reading. Some stressors that Generation Y nurses posses include work schedules, professional image and learning styles. Schools that Generation Y workers attended emphasize success and this can cause them to feel like failures. The positive and negative traits are discussed in the sections called, “Why Should We Brace Ourselves” and “Stressors”.

The difference between generation X and Y is great and it can cause conflict in the workplace. Management tends to be those of the Generation X. The generation conflict has shown in studies that the resignation rate may become high. The author referenced another study that shows that nurses under the age of 32 are unsatisfied with their job. The author also speaks about work schedules and how the expectations of Generation Y may affect them in the workplace and how the management of Generation X may accommodate them better by being flexible. The author gives some examples of how the issues and problems can be solved. Orientation should be a requirement of all new nurses entering the field. This will help to prepare them for all of the life changes and how to help eliminate “shock” of such life changes. This information is found in the section named “Orientation Needs.”  Supervisors should also meet and review progress with them often to help steer them away from feeling like a failure. They should focus on the “right fit” and “right time” which is discussed in “Performance Appraisals”. Author and speaker, Michele Deck has many ideas on how to help the Generation Y workers. One idea is giving them many breaks between jobs and offering something fun during those breaks. Management should also change the dress codes due to the fact that Generation Y has more tattoos, Multi colored hair and piercings than the previous generation.

Overall generation Y has many positive and negative traits. The problems that arise in the nursing workplace can cause conflict but there are many ways both Generation X and Y can work on resolving these issues. Generation Y has is very educated and has great experience in technology. They can really help advance in the workplace and can bring many new concepts and idea. I believe this author did a great job explaining the two generations and their similarities and differences, I found the article very informative. The information was easy to comprehend. I think the information will be useful towards my assignment.

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