This semester I enrolled in English 211. I signed up for the class to satisfy an elective requirement. I am very pleased with the amount of knowledge I gained by taking this class. I was able to review writing skills that I have not used in a long time. I am able to apply the skills learned to my other classes that I am currently taking. I found all of the writing assignments to be challenging. I have listed below the major writing assignments completed in the class and how they helped me to become a more efficient writer.

The first writing assignment that we conducted was a progress report. The progress report was an interesting assignment. I had to develop a progress report based on a Computer Installation project we were assigned. It was written for the Vice President of the company. It allowed for individual creativity. Given a basis for the assignment, I was able to come up with my own ideas. The progress report had a specific outline and guidelines to follow. This assignment required me to organize my thoughts in chronological order. I had to pay close attention to detail. In addition, I had to describe the project, work completed, work planned for the future and an appraisal of progress. I can see how this assignment relates to the “real world” and the workplace. These types of reports are used in many job professions. I believe that it was important to give the class this assignment in order to gain necessary skills to use in the future.

A second assignment that I found helpful in this class was the set of instructions. We had to write the first set of instructions individually. Later in the semester, the class was assigned a second instruction assignment. For the second set of instructions, we were assigned to work in partners. This assignment was more “in depth” and accurate in comparison to the first set we wrote. We had to think of every aspect of our project and include every minor detail. It had to be extremely organized and follow a proper format. I liked the fact that we were able to chose our own topic to write the instructions on. It made the assignment more interesting. I also like the ability to work with a partner. I think working with a partner helps to get more ideas and different viewpoints.

A third influential assignment in the class was the Literature Review/Annotated Bibliography. This assignment was the most difficult for me. It had to be written in APA Format. I find APA format to be very confusing and hard to remember all of the rules. Mr. Johansen did a great job at reviewing the rules of APA and answering questions. The handouts given to us were extremely helpful and I will definitely hold on to them ( they have been useful for my writing assignments in other classes). This assignment helped me to learn how to use articles in my writing. I also gained more experience retrieving articles from the school library database. I became more proficient in writing article summaries. I also gained more experience and knowledge of how to integrate quotes from articles into my writing and how to cite them properly.

Lastly, the Research paper was very a very important assignment. I really liked the fact that we were able to use the same topics from our Literature Review and expand on information to write a research report. Using the same topic, allowed me to feel as if I learned a great deal about the subject (Generation Y workers). Honestly, I did not even know that major issue existed and that experts were taking the time to study them until this assignment was given. I learned how to break articles down and pull out the important points and aspects. I gained more experience using citations and APA format. I enjoyed the research paper and learned a great deal from it.

The climate and atmosphere of the classroom was comfortable. I felt that I could ask any question that I had and my questions always were answered. The classroom discussions allowed the classmates to get to know each other, which I think is important. It was a comfortable, friendly, fun, humorous, atmosphere. I have to add, sometimes the humor got out of control. I believe the teacher was disrespected by the students at times. It is perfectly fine to have a sense of humor, however respect should always be maintained for teachers and others.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the information that I gained from this English class. I am glad that I enrolled in the class, even though I was taking the course to satisfy another course. I believe that I needed to review my English writing skills so that I can succeed in all of my future college classes. I will remember the information that I learned and this class definitely had an impact on me. Mr. Johansen is a wonderful teacher. He is very knowledgeable of the course content and found better ways to teach the material. I enjoyed going to class everyday.

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